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Most popular hotels of German holidaymakers

Which countries are the most popular with hotel guests? In cooperation with TrevoTrend and Holidaycheck, fvw provides an overview of booking enquiries and satisfaction in the holiday hotel sector. 17 countries are evaluated.



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The evaluation TrevoTrend (magnifying glass symbol) shows the development of the booking requests of the past four weeks in comparison with the same period of the previous year. The information is based on several million booking enquiries from travel agencies and large travel websites, which are evaluated by TrevoTrend. The evaluation of Holidaycheck (sun symbol) shows the average satisfaction of hotel customers in the respective country. The deviations from the previous month are indicated in percent. With more than eight million ratings, HolidayCheck is the largest German-language rating portal for hotels on the Internet.

For each of the seventeen countries there are three tables: 

  • The ten most popular hotels overall 
  • The ten most popular hotels booked through travel agencies.
  • The ten most popular hotels booked online. 
The top 10 lists show not only the name and location of the hotel, but also the average price per person. This price represents the average of all requests regardless of the number of persons and the length of stay. by Marco Weiss

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