GfK October figures

Online sales drive double-digit summer 2018 growth

The German holiday market grew by 10% this summer with high online sales, and prospects for 2019 are looking good, according to the latest monthly GfK figures.

November 15, 2018
GfK figures for German holiday sales in October
Photo: GFK Travel Insights

Travel agents increased sales revenues from holiday bookings by 7% in the summer 2018 season (ending in October) but online sales soared by 22%. With offline sales accounting for about 77% of the total, this left overall summer 2018 revenues up by 10%, the market researchers’ analysis of sales by 2,000 representative travel agencies, OTAs and tour operator websites found.

In general, travel agents accounted for most of the early and long-term bookings, while online channels profited from high late bookings, GfK noted. Summer sales in October were flat at last year’s level. With winter 2017/18 sales also increasing by 10%, this was also the growth rate for 2017/18 as a whole.

Looking ahead, sales revenues for winter 2018/19 were 4% ahead of last year in October, leaving cumulative sales up by 8%. More than half of last year’s total winter bookings volume has now been exceeded, with strong bookings so far for November (+6%) and December (+7%) in particular.

Germans also continued booking early for summer 2019 holidays last month, although there was a slight 1% drop compared to volumes sold in the same month last year. Summer 2019 revenues accounted for 45% of total sales in October.

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