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Germans go online for late summer holiday bookings

OTAs profited more than travel agents last month as Germans mostly booked summer holidays online and generated solid overall 8% market growth, according to the latest monthly GfK analysis.

June 13, 2018
Solid growth for the German organised travel market in May
Photo: Quelle: GfK

The high single-digit growth, which follows a very strong 21% increase in April, leaves overall sales revenues for summer 2018 up by 14% to date, the market researchers’ analysis of sales by 2,000 representative travel agencies, OTAs and tour operator websites found.

The good 8% rise in May surprised observers who had expected the combination of spring half-term holidays in much of the country, good weather and the forthcoming World Cup to depress demand.

One trend was clear: the closer the summer approaches, the more bookings are made online rather than in travel agencies. About 82% of the 8% rise in summer sales revenues were generated by online sales.

Nearly half (46.4%) of last month’s revenues were for the months of June to August. June is particularly stable considering that most spring holidays this year were in May, which closed with a near-38% sales surge, rather than in June. Most of the other summer season months, from July to October, have double-digit increases so far this year.

Meanwhile, Germans are also booking their winter holidays early, according to the GfK figures. Winter 2018/19 bookings generated 23% of sales revenues last month. Travel agencies were the favoured booking channel, accounting for 76% of winter revenues.

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