Summer 2018 programme

DER Touristik expands Mediterranean and cruise holidays

Germany’s third-largest tour operator will offer more holidays in Greece, Italy, Croatia and other Mediterranean destinations next summer along with new cruises.

November 14, 2017
DER Touristik CEO Central Europe René Herzog
Photo: DER Touristik

DER Touristik will focus mostly on mainstream destinations in summer 2018. The group has not released any booking figures for this summer but admitted that various crises, including the Air Berlin insolvency and hurricanes in the Caribbean, had hit financial results this year more than other crises in the past.

In general, the third-largest tour operator in Germany had similar booking trends as major competitors. Among the clear destination winners this year with double-digit growth were Greece, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Tunisia, Dominican Republic and Canada.

René Herzog, CEO Central Europe, predicted: “In summer 2018 the trend will remain towards holiday destinations and products that were already in strong demand this summer. This applies to beach holidays in Greece, Italy, Croatia and on Majorca but also the cruise segment.”

He added: “We have prepared for another surge in demand and have secured capacity for our customers early, as well as taking numerous hotels under contract exclusively for the German market.”

In terms of destinations, DER Touristik will have 17 more full charters to the Greek islands next summer, along with 25 new hotels each for Dertour, ITS and Jahn Reisen. In addition, ITS will offer Thassos and Zakynthos for the first time, along with six new Aida cruises from Corfu and Majorca.

DER Touristik has also contracted more hotels on Majorca, in Italy and Croatia exclusively for the German market. “For us that has the advantage of avoiding tough price competition,” explained Rolf-Dieter Maltzahn, head of the group’s Cologne-based mainstream tour operators. “With our own capacity we are in control ourselves.”

DER has 70 more hotels in southern Italy, 15 additional full charters to the Canary Islands with charter carrier Small Planet and six more Egypt charters to double flight capacity to the Red Sea.

In contrast, Turkey was again a flop this year and the tour operator expects a similar trend in 2018. DER is keeping its hotel portfolio at the same level but does not expect any change in the political situation or the level of demand. “It’s not a question of security but rather a boycott,” Maltzahn declared.

Among long-haul destinations, Dertour, Meiers Weltreisen and ADAC Reisen have expanded their programmes for North America and Southern Africa, while Dertour, ITS, Jahn Reisen and Meiers Weltreisen will continue their exclusive full charter flights from Frankfurt to Samaná in the Dominican Republic due to rising popularity.

DER Touristik said prices will remain stable in most destinations next summer, with lower flight prices compensating higher hotel rates in some countries. The exceptions will be very popular destinations such as Italy and Croatia where there will be moderate increases.

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