Takeover plan for Sun Express Germany

Lufthansa is poised for another takeover following Brussels Airlines and the wet-lease deal with Air Berlin.

December 29, 2016
Sun Express Germany has a fleet of 15 jets.
Photo: Sun Express

Lufthansa wants to take over Sun Express Germany to further expand the Eurowings fleet, according to fvw information from well-informed sources.

Sun Express Germany, which operates a fleet of 15 jets (11 B737s, 4 A330s), is a sister carrier to Antalya-based Sun Express. Both airlines are joint ventures between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

The German-based airline was set up several years ago to reduce reliance on Turkish routes and to create the opportunity for direct flights from Germany to other Mediterranean destinations using German traffic rights.

As well as leisure flights for tour operators, Sun Express Germany also operates long-haul routes with four A330s for Eurowings on a sub-contractor basis. Three of its short-haul planes already operate for Eurowings.

The takeover of the German airline will apparently be set up by Jens Bischof, Lufthansa’s Germany sales manager who will take over as CEO at Sun Express in January.

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