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Best-Reisen focuses on differentiation with exclusive offers and branded holidays

One of Germany’s leading travel agency cooperation groups, Best-Reisen, wants to improve its profile and respond to digitalisation of the travel industry with a mix of differentiated products and services.

December 06, 2017
Cornelius Meyer wants to differentiate Best-Reisen travel agencies.
Photo: Best Reisen

"If you are not the undisputed price leader, then you have to distinguish yourself with your performance," sales & marketing director Cornelius Meyer told the group’s annual conference in Lisbon last weekend. A total of 530 agency owners and managers attended the event, including 333 agency owners who are shareholders in the cooperation network.

Meyer called on the Best-Reisen partners to focus on this differentiation “with all your strength” in order to establish a clear identity for consumers, including establishing Best-Reisen as a consumer travel brand.

One priority is to offer exclusive deals. "It's about getting customers to hear about you because a special product is only available in your travel agency," said Meyer. The group aims to win over some online bargain-hunters with limited availability offers, supplied by Clever Tours and only bookable in Best-Reisen travel agencies.

At the same time, the group will also launch up-market ‘feel-good’ holidays with high-quality products and services, such as private airport transfers or upscale rooms. These will be supplied by HLX, which has access to preferential Lufthansa fares and a large hotel bedstock, and sold under the name Best-Reisen Holidays. The launch is set for February.

These exclusive holidays will also be bookable through a dedicated online portal. Travel agents can already book these offers, which feature “juicy fares” from Lufthansa along other HLX products.

Furthermore, Best-Reisen is targeting new customer groups through exclusive partnerships and special holidays. One such partnership is with Lumix Photo Adventures. Another idea is the Best-Reisen Travel Lifestyle Grill Academy at Casa Cook Kos in cooperation with barbecue manufacturer Weber and Thomas Cook in spring 2019.

Finally, the travel agency group wants to target younger customers through the ‘Get Stronger Weeks’ in cooperation with jeans brand Replay and club holiday firm Aldiana. Agents have already booked 10% of this offering’s capacity.

Looking further ahead, Best-Reisen wants to develop new added-value services for travel agency customers. Overall, the group will take a ‘trial-and-error’ approach, and simply drop offers that do not work.

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