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German travel agents predict strong demand for individual holidays

Individual holidays, cruises, city trips and long-haul holidays will be the main growth travel segments in future, German travel agents believe.

May 09, 2017
Germans will book more individual holidays
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The vast majority of agents had clear views about which market segments will grow in future, the recent fvw survey of travel agency opinions about tour operators found.

Demand will rise for individual holidays (85%), cruises (84%) and domestic holidays in Germany (76%), agents predicted. City trips (58%), cultural holidays (55%), long-haul holidays (56%), luxury holidays (56%) and active holidays (45%) are also all seen as having good growth potential.

In stark contrast, only 19% of agents said that demand will grow for traditional beach holidays, although 68% said demand is likely to remain stable, and just 13% predicted an actual decline.

As a result, an overwhelming 78% of travel agents expect it will become more important for tour operators to specialise more in future.

Views were mixed, however, about the importance of tour operator brands. Nearly half (47%) said that a brand is an important (or very important) factor when selling holidays. But even more (58%) claimed that their customers do not care about tour operator brands and are mostly interested in prices.

German travel agents were fairly optimistic that the present market conditions will continue for the foreseeable future. Only 34% feared that they will increasingly lose customers to online sales channels, and just 42% predicted that the number of tour operators will decline in future.

These views also reflect their dependency on tour operators, who generate about 83% of the combined revenues of the agents surveyed.

In the fvw survey, owners and sales experts from 212 representative travel agencies were asked to give their views on market trends and to evaluate 20 named tour operators in terms of various criteria on a scale of 1 (very good) to 6 (very bad). The results of the tour operator rankings were already reported on fvw.com last week.

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