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Eurowings switches all long-haul flights from Cologne to Düsseldorf

Lufthansa budget subsidiary Eurowings today announced plans to move all its long-haul flights from Cologne/Bonn airport to Düsseldorf to benefit from a much larger catchment area and more transfer connections.

February 01, 2018
Eurowings’ A330s will move from Cologne to Düsseldorf for winter 2018/19
Photo: Fotografie Wiese/Eurowings

Eurowings is currently expanding substantially in Düsseldorf, the regional capital of North Rhine-Westphalia to fill the sizeable gap left by Air Berlin, the former market leader at the airport. The carrier will add more flights to German and European destinations this summer.

Under the latest move, Eurowings will base seven long-haul jets at the airport from the start of the winter flight schedule 2018/19 to operate long-haul budget flights to destinations in North America and the Caribbean. The airline is planning up to 140 long-haul departures per month to destinations including New York and Fort Myers (both USA), Havana (Cuba), Cancun (Mexico) and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

Eurowings already started long-haul flights from the airport last November/December with A330 flights to Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Varadero and Cancun. Three more planes will arrive in Düsseldorf in April to operate six weekly flights to New York, and three each to Fort Myers and Miami. Four A330s currently operating from Cologne/Bonn will then move to Düsseldorf for winter 2018/19 flights, including to Havana and Cancun.

Oliver Wagner, Eurowings Chief Commercial Officer, explained: “Düsseldorf airport’s catchment area covers more than 18 million residents, there’s no larger catchment area in the whole of Germany. This means that together with Eurowings, the airport has great potential to develop an attractive long-haul network for customers. That’s why, at the Düsseldorf location, we’ll not only continue to grow on domestic German and European routes but will also significantly expand our long-haul fleet.”

Düsseldorf is already the largest Eurowings location; the Lufthansa subsidiary has more aircraft based there than at any other airport. “We’ll soon be operating a fleet of 40 Eurowings aircraft here alone. This provides us with the ideal conditions in the state capital of NRW to feed our growing Eurowings long-haul fleet with lots of feeder flights,” Wagner pointed out.

However, the airline underlined that it will continue to grow at Cologne/Bonn airport, where it is the largest carrier. It will base three more short and medium haul jets there to have a local fleet of 19 aircraft. The growth planned for 2018 alone represents more than 600,000 additional passengers a year. “No other airline in Europe is currently growing faster, which benefits not least our home base of Cologne/Bonn,” Wagner said.

Eurowings recently decided to step up the frequency of flights between Cologne and Berlin/Tegel – one of the strongest domestic German business routes – to 95 departures a week for summer 2018.

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