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TUI launches fleet renewal programme and could order 20 extra B737 Max jets

Europe’s top tourism group has taken delivery of the first of 70 new Boeing 737 Max planes and is considering extending the order to 90 as it launches a major aircraft fleet modernisation programme.

February 01, 2018
TUI has ordered 18 Max 10s (shown here) and 52 Max 8s
Photo: TUI Group

TUI has so far ordered 70 of the new-generation Boeing planes, which are significantly more efficient than previous 737s with lower fuel consumption and a 14% reduction in CO2 emissions. The objective of upgrading the fleet is to make flights more economical, cost-efficient and environmentally-efficient, the group said.

On Tuesday, the tourism group took delivery of its first Boeing 737 Max 8 in Brussels. This plane will operate for TUIfly Belgium.

By the end of 2018, a total of nine 737 Max 8 planes will be delivered to the airlines of TUI Group. These aircraft will be operated by TUI in Belgium, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The first 737 Max for TUIfly Germany is scheduled to be delivered in early 2019.

The full order includes 52 Max 8 jets, with 189 seats, and 18 larger Max 10s, with 220 seats. Delivery of the planes is scheduled over a six-year period, from 2018 to 2023.

These 70 jets will gradually replace older planes in the fleet, and thus not increase the overall seat capacity. TUI Group’s six airlines in Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and France operate a total fleet of 150 aircraft.

However, CEO Fritz Joussen is already looking further ahead. He told German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview this week: “I think that it makes sense to accept 90 (Max jets) in total.” The group plans to hold talks with Boeing in the coming months over enlarging the order with 20 additional new-generation 737s.

TUI, which was the first European operator to select the latest and largest member of the 737 Max family of airplanes, has set itself the goal of operating Europe's most carbon-efficient airlines by 2020.

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