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It’s business as usual, says Niki

Air Berlin subsidiary Niki is still flying and seeking to re-establish its relationship with the German travel industry after a turbulent year.

November 01, 2017
Niki will still fly this winter and next summer
Photo: Ken Fielding/commons.wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

The small leisure airline is transmitting a clear message to business partners: “business as usual”. Niki, which took over most of Air Berlin’s ‘beach holiday’ routes earlier this year, is now awaiting regulatory authority clearance for its takeover by Lufthansa, which is providing financial support despite not yet being the new owner. Lufthansa is buying up seats on Niki flights and selling them itself through its own distribution channels.

Against this turbulent background, the airline’s new Commercial Director, Elisabeth Jesse is focussing on reassuring tour operators and travel agents about the carrier’s operations.

“There are plenty of rumours that Niki will not be flying soon – but this isn’t correct,” she told fvw. “Both the winter 2017/18 schedule and the summer 2018 schedule can be booked.”

The former Easyjet Germany and Air Berlin manager underlined: “In the winter we are still offering more than 100 routes to Palma, the Spanish mainland and the Canaries at attractive prices. Our important major clients continue to be served individually with specific offers. For next summer the Balearics and the Spanish mainland can already be booked.”

Jesse said that Niki will operate a fleet of 28 jets this winter. The planes are stationed in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Salzburg, Zürich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hannover.

“The focus of our route offering in the winter lies on the Canaries, Palma and Egypt as well as Morocco, and in the summer on the Canaries, Balearics, Spanish mainland and Greece,” she added.

These “attractive prices” for winter 2017/18 include bargain deals on its German website such as a return flight from Berlin to Palma for €96, Hamburg and Munich to the Canaries for less than €150 and Düsseldorf to the Canaries for little over €150.

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