European Aviation Symposium, November 20-21, 2018 - Frankfurt

Airports. Airlines. Destinations.

The European Aviation Symposium is designed as new, transnational top event for the aviation industry.

With combined expertise fvw, Prologis and the Travel Industry Club invite executives and top decision makers from the airline and mobility industries to explore together with top-class experts, board members, managers and politicians one of the most exciting market developments in the European economy. The worldwide growth in (business and leisure) travel results in an ambitious battle for market shares, producing both winners and losers.

  • What are the implications of globalization for European airlines?
  • What is happening in Eastern Europe?
  • What about the Gulf carriers?

Through inspiring panels, workshops and discussions the two-day event sets standards as industry meeting point while getting to the heart of recent changes and delivering key impulses for the business.

Become a partner of our new event. Be seen and be heard during the 2018 European Aviation Symposium. Use this platform to demonstrate that you play a leading role in the market. See here for details on available presentation options and the perfect tie-in into our event.

The Squaire
60549 Frankfurt / Main, Germany


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