Hotel rankings for nine more countries

Nine more destinations have been added to the fortnightly Hotelometer ranking which now displays German demand for beach holiday hotels in 12 countries in the Mediterranean region.

February 16, 2017

The Hotelometer ranking, produced by fvw in cooperation with data analysis firm TrevoTrend, now covers Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia as well as the three long-standing destinations: Spain, Greece and Turkey.

The new rankings, covering the fortnight of January 23 to February 5, 2017, include major destinations such as Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, the Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Agadir in Morocco, and Portugal’s Algarve coast.

In addition, the hotel rankings are now displayed using a map showing the 12 different countries. The shading on the map reflects the proportion of enquiries for 5-star hotels per country, ranging from yellow (lowest share) to dark red (highest share).

The individual country ranking is displayed as an interactive table with four different rankings: total; couples; family; singles. The top ten ranking shows the name of the hotel, its location, category (in stars), and the average price per person. (Note: the price per person is the average of all enquiries, regardless of the number of people per reservation enquiry and the length of stay.)

The Hotelometer is based on reservation enquiries for hotels in popular holiday destinations but not actual bookings. It can thus be seen as a ‘demand barometer’ for specific hotels and more generally for destinations.

The rankings are based on all enquiries in the market-leading Traveltainment reservations system used by German travel agents and online booking engines. The data is analysed by TrevoTrend and supplied exclusively to fvw in the format of the Hotelometer.

Country rankings for January 23 to February 5, 2017:

Top 10 Turkey

Top 10 Spain

Top 10 Greece

Top 10 Italy, Croatia, Malta, Bulgaria (totals only)

Top 10 Egypt, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus (totals only)

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