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fvw tourism evaluation for over 100 countries

The fvw tourism evaluation gives you an exclusive overview of how incoming tourism from Germany and around the world changed between 2012 and 2017 in more than 100 different tourist destinations. By clicking on one of the countries on the interactive map, you receive the incoming figures for the last five years, as well as links to websites and e-mail addresses of the tourist offices which provided the data. But that’s not all.



  • Germany 15/16
  • Germany 14/15
  • Germany 13/14
  • Germany 12/13
  • worldwide 15/16
  • worldwide 14/15
  • worldwide 13/14
  • worldwide 12/13

The comprehensive fvw tourism evaluation shows the incoming development for more than 100 tourist-relevant countries worldwide. How have tourism flows developed in recent years globally (2013 to 2017)? And how has the incoming tourism from Germany changed in particular? The fvw tourism evaluation consists of two parts; the interactive map visualizes the global tourism flows of the last four years, the whitepaper supplements the graphic processing by means of numbers, data, and facts for printing and reading. All you need to to is click on a country on the interactive map and you receive the incoming figures for the years 2012 to 2017, as well as links to websites and e-mail addresses of the tourist offices which provided the data.

It was a conscious decision on our side not to include any forecasts from this year, as tourist destinations handle such early numbers very differently. While some tourist destinations may provide helpful data, others only give out rough estimates or even no figures at all. A valid evaluation is not made possible yet. Numbers for 2017 including an extensive print-out will be published ahead of the next ITB in Berlin 2018. (MWE/RR)


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We constantly strive to find ways of improving this service. If you would like us to include your country in the map or have a request or suggestion to make; we are looking forward to your feedback.

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