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Lufthansa to hire 3000 new staff this year

German national carrier Lufthansa aims to hire thousands of new recruits in 2017.

January 05, 2017

As part of the airline’s growth strategy Lufthansa will hire more than 3000 additional staff in 2017, flight attendants mainly, the company announced on Wednesday. The new recruits will join the German company’s various carriers, with almost half of them, some 1400, to be assigned at the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich alone. Of the new staff 500 are expected to join Swiss Air, 200 to work for Eurowings and 100 for Austrian Airlines.

Last year, on top of the conventional application processes, Lufthansa also held six flight attendant castings in the cities of Heidelberg, Mainz, Augsburg, Regensburg, Munich and Berlin. According to the company, these castings were met with great interest among the target group. Lufthansa Group employs more than 120.000 people. (LEW)

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