German market trends

Strong sales for most of the Med

The German tourism industry is in a buoyant mood after a good start to sales for summer 2017.

March 08, 2017
Greek islands such as Santorini are big winners this year.
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Tour operators at ITB are upbeat about prospects for most destinations this year with the exception of Turkey. Top-selling destinations for 2017 include Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia, while Egypt is making a strong comeback and there is continuing high demand for Spain, according to the German Travel Association (DRV). However, Turkey is facing major problems. Bookings had slumped 58 per cent by the end of January.

TUI is enjoying a 30 per cent bookings surge for Greece, already one of the clear destination winners for 2017. Sales are also strong for Italy, Croatia, Canada, Mexico and South Africa, while Egypt is making a comeback. TUI said the USA is thriving too (up 11 per cent) in spite of a series of political controversies.

FTI is experiencing growth of just over 10 per cent, driven by strong sales for Egypt, Morocco, the UAE, Greece and Cyprus. Group managing director Ralph Schiller remains optimistic about Turkey, too. “We expect good late sales for coastal regions once again,” he said. Schiller added that FTI expects “a strong season” for the USA, one of its top long-haul destinations, with no signs so far of any “negative effect on travel from President Trump”.

Schauinsland-Reisen is targeting six per cent bookings growth and a revenue increase above 10 per cent for 2017. Sales so far are up for Greece, Italy, mainland Spain and Egypt, the latter by a high double-digit figure.

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