German market trends

Positive economic trends drive greater travel demand

Economic growth and low unemployment in Germany are driving rising demand for travel and thus generating growth for the travel industry and destinations, according to a new survey.

August 02, 2017
Germans are ready for the beach
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Germans are now in the right mood for a holiday and are ready to pay more this year, according to a GfK survey for the German Tourism Federation (BTW). The economic climate for travel has improved in the first half of 2017 after a downturn last year, it found.

As a result, the BTW’s Tourism Index, based on various criteria, has risen to 1.3 points compared to just 0.1 points at the same time last year and 0.4 points at the end of 2016.

The number of days on holiday already increased by 1% to 395 million in the first four months of this year, the BTW said. There was a 7% rise in trips lasting at least one day while day-trips fell by 8%. Day-trips now only account for one third of all leisure trips.

Meanwhile, holiday sales in travel agencies have increased by 3% for this summer, although they remain well below the good levels of 2015, according to GfK.

“Our climate index generates hope for a continued good travel year in the rest of the year as well,” said BTW president Michael Frenzel.

The twice-yearly index is based on the monthly GfK consumer climate index, which surveys 2,000 German consumers on various trends and economic criteria.

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