fvw Congress, September 19+20, 2017

One-day pass incl. fvw Travel Expo: € 479.00 plus VAT (€ 558,11 incl.)
Two-day pass incl. fvw Travel Expo: € 629,00 plus VAT (€ 736,61 incl.)

Early Bird Tickets (569,00 Euro/429,00 Euro plus VAT) until June 26, 2017 available

Last Minute-Tickets (679,00 Euro/499,00 Euro plus VAT) from September 4, 2017

Ticket price includes
Admission to fvw Travel Expo (please note: when purchasing a one-day pass, you will be able to add a free fvw Travel Expo ticket for the previous day or the day after during the ordering process), participation at the evening event on September 19, 2017.

Group discounts
When registering a group of individuals under the same company name you will receive the following discounts on the ticket price:

5% for groups of 5 to 9 people
10% for groups of 10 or more

In order to benefit from the group discount offer you will be asked to enter a special booking code which can be requested via the following e-mail address: kongress@fvw.de.

fvw Travel Expo, September 19+20, 2017 

One-day pass: € 25.00 plus VAT (€ 29.75 incl. VAT)
Two-day pass: € 35.00 plus VAT (€ 41.65 incl. VAT)

Pay desk
Two-day pass 37,80 Euro plus VAT (45,00 Euro incl. VAT)
One Day pass 29,40 Euro plus VAT (35,00 Euro incl. VAT)

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