German operator offers ‘sustainable holidays’

FTI claims to have a surge in late Turkey sales and is targeting environmentally-conscious German consumers with a new product line offering ‘sustainable holidays’ next winter.

June 23, 2016
The Aparthotel Jardim Atlantico on Madeira is one of FTI’s Vitality hotels.
Photo: FTI

The new Vitality holidays will be launched in the winter 2016/17 season with a total of six ‘hideaway’ hotels: two each in Spain and Portugal as well as one in Tunisia and one on Zanzibar. There are two sub-product lines, Vitality Spirit for socially and environmentally focused travellers, and Vitality Gourmet for nutrition-conscious people.

The hotels are normally ecologically managed, feature sustainable architectural construction with local building materials, are close to nature and with good access to diverse activities. All the hotels will be promoted with a green leaf symbol in holiday brochures.

The new product line is “targeted at customers who, for example, buy biological and natural products and are ready to accept a higher price level for quality and sustainability”, explained Sven Schikarsky, Managing Director Tour Operating Package. FTI plans to gradually expand the ‘sustainable holidays’ offering. Greece, Germany and Austria will be added in summer 2017.

The Munich-based tour operator already has six different hotel categories, each focusing on a different target group, including families, couples, active holidaymakers and luxury travellers.

Meanwhile, FTI Group CEO Dietmar Gunz told some 100 Turkish hoteliers and business partners at an event in Antalya that the tour operator is seeing a clear recovery in bookings for the destination. The group has generated a “high double-digit rise” in bookings to the Turkish Riviera in the last eight weeks. “We’re convinced we can close the 2015/16 business year with a positive result for Turkey,” he declared.

The tour operator’s Turkey product manager Hicabi Ayhan said a new family brochure released at the start of April had generated a strong increase in family bookings.

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