Most popular hotels of German holidaymakers

The fvw Hotelometer in cooperation with data analysis company TrevoTrend counts booking requests for holiday hotels. The map shows booking request trends in the past two weeks compared with the prior-year period. more


Interactive map for incoming numbers

fvw Destination Review 2017

The fvw Destination Review 2017 gives you an exclusive overview of how incoming tourism from Germany and around the world changed between 2012 and 2016 in more than 100 different tourist destinations. more



fvw dossier

OTAs profit differently from Unister insolvency

Expedia, Seven Travel and Check 24 profited most of all from the collapse of Unister, Germany’s largest OTA, last year., HRS and Airbnb also generated good growth, according to fvw’s ‘German travel sales 2017’ dossier. more



Stronger interest in North Africa holidays

Germans are showing more interest in holidays in Egypt and Tunisia as enquiries weaken for higher-priced Mediterranean destinations, the latest Hotelometer figures show. more

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